By Drew Ianni
September 24, 2020

Accelerating Digital Transformation

At CDX’s recent inaugural Virtual Summit, we kicked off the day with Behdad Shahsavari, the US Head of Boston Consulting Group Digital Ventures – a 1,000 person operation that focuses on innovative product development with “one leg in the corporate world and one leg in the entrepreneurial world,” as Shahsavari told us. He discussed how his global teams have adapted quickly to the new work environment and have already built innovative new products, including a contact and tracing app for the Australian government’s COVID response that was downloaded by 10% of all Australians in its first 24 hours.

The conversation shifted to the future work and Shahsavari mentioned a recent conversation with a large tech CEO, who estimated that “40% of their engineers will not come back into work.” Shahsavari also mentioned he has seen clear productivity gains within his own engineering teams since they started working remotely and he challenged executives to focus on innovating their operating models and talent strategy. “It’s absolutely going to be a buyer’s market for talent,” he said, “and the smart firms are going to be re-thinking their human capital strategy.”

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