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How to Shine as a Digital Transformation Leader 

Digital transformation is now accelerating across all industries and institutions. But what does it take to lead your teams and organization through this fundamental change? How can you help your company develop a digital mindset? The Global Center for Digital Business Transformation at Swiss business school, IMD, analyzed the careers of 508 chief digital officers to shed light on how people have developed these leadership skills and traits. [From IMD]

Brazil’s Vale Leverages External Partnerships to Drive Innovative Product Solutions

The global mining and energy industry is made up of mostly of large, legacy businesses that have been late to the digital transformation game and driving true innovation. But as consumers and citizens worldwide demand more sustainability and a commitment to thwarting climate change, some key players in this global mega industry are investing in innovation – including Vale, the mining giant which is leveraging open innovation to accelerate its business transformation and commitment to sustainability. [From bnamericas.com]

ADM Ventures Pours Money into Air Protein and Launches a New Innovation Lab

The Earth’s population will swell from 7.5 billion to 10 billion by 2050. How are we going to feed everyone while also minimizing the impact on our climate and the planet? The food giant ADM is looking towards the future with its investment in Air Protein which will also fund a new innovation R&D center and accelerate innovative product development and commercialization. [From ADM]

The U.S. Department of Energy Leverages the Houston Innovation Ecosystem

A successful innovation strategy is only as good as the broader innovation ecosystem it has access to – both internal and external. Houston has emerged as an energy and space innovation hub and the US Department of Energy is partnering with organizations across metropolitan Houston to strengthen the connections between the DOE and the world’s energy and space capital. [From Energy.gov]

How, AI is Driving Innovative Vending Operations

Customers are demanding superior customer experiences and that extends to how they interact with vending machines that offer everything from snacks to clothes to cars. Read how artificial intelligence is expanding the efficiency of vending operations while also providing a more responsive interaction with the customer. [From Vending Times]

DSM and TU Delft Join Forces to Work on AI and Biotechnology

Biotechnology is the use of an organism, or a component of an organism or other biological system, to make a product or process. The Delft University of Technology and Dutch chemical and food company, DSM, have jointly launched the Artificial Intelligence Lab for Biosciences (AI4B.io) as they increasingly leverage AI across the entire biotechnology process from the development of microbial strains to the optimization and planning of large scale industrial processes. [From Innovation Origins]

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On The Move

Big Sean is the Detroit Pistons’ New Creative Director of Innovation

The hip-hop icon and Detroit-native will become the organization’s Creative Director of Innovation.

Kristi Argilyan is Bed Bath & Beyond’s New Head of Brand Innovation

The former Target and IPG executive joins the Union, NJ-based retailer to drive multi- platform brand innovation.

Rob Leathern Joins Google as VP, Product, Privacy & Data Protection

The former Head of Business Integrity at Facebook and industry research veteran joins Google in this new role.

Kirby Brady is the City of San Diego’s first Chief Innovation Officer

San Diego’s new Mayor, Todd Gloria, has appointed Kirby Brady as the City’s first Chief Innovation Officer.

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