By Drew Ianni
March 17, 2021

Harris Poll: Anticipating the Post-Pandemic Economy

CDX kicked off its recent inaugural Accelerate conference with fresh research from The Harris Poll on how consumers feel about the post-pandemic digital economy.

Harris Poll CEO John Gerzema walked through recent data from the firm’s ongoing COVID Tracker Wave® study and highlights include:

  • Consumers still don’t feel comfortable “returning to normal.” But 45% believe we will return to normal by Summer 2021.
  • Interestingly, half say COVID has “had no impact” on their personal finances while a third believe it has had a “somewhat negative” or “very negative” impact on their personal finances.
  • The top 3 planned purchases once peoples’ lives “return to normal” include:
    • Going on vacation (38%)
    • Buying clothes (28%)
    • Buying households goods/appliances (19%)
  • Harris sees the rise of the “contactless economy,” as 77% of respondents say they are “comfortable with online shopping,” while 52% are using chatbots more than before the pandemic.

View the video below for Gerzema’s full presentation, including attitudes towards the vaccine, a deep dive into the post-pandemic shopping experience, and more.


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