By Drew Ianni
September 17, 2021

The Mastercard Interview – Harnessing a Data Goliath

Earlier this year at the Techonomy Virtual Summit, DX Editor-in-Chief Drew Ianni sat down with Raj Seshadri, President of Data and Services at Mastercard to discuss how data innovation is driving digital transformation.

We are awash in personal and customer data. And as privacy, cybersecurity and growing regulations around artificial intelligence remain front-and-center issues, how does a data goliath like Mastercard manage its data strategy to benefit its customers while respecting privacy and insuring security? There are over 2.5 billion Mastercard branded debit and credit cards issued globally and the company processes over 87 billion transactions per year.

In 2005, the company created Mastercard Labs which, according to Seshadri, has helped the firm accelerate innovation so “We can keep our global network secure, all MasterCard transactions secure, and the broader digital ecosystem secure.”


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