Welcome to DX Daily. We have been producing content and hosting conferences focused on digital business transformation since 2012 and we couldn’t be more thrilled to welcome current and new members of our community and family to our new editorial property.  Our goal is to curate best-in-class content and showcase thought leaders so you can be informed and inspired.  A new world order has emerged in the last six months which has now accelerated digital transformation and we will report on the most interesting companies, people, and trends that are driving this acceleration.

Our primary goal is to consistently deliver informative, educational, and actionable content to help you manage and accelerate digital transformation, and your teams, more effectively. We also want to have a little fun along the way and provide some balance and perspective as we move into a new normal.


What We Do

DX helps digital leaders, innovation professionals, and technology executives from Fortune 500 companies share best practices around digital transformation.  Through a series of highly curated virtual and physical events, and editorial content, DX provides a platform for industries and executives to learn from each other.

Who We Work With

DX works with organizations that embrace the potential of technology and recognize the impact that it will have on their customers, workforce, industry and the world.

Who We Are

The DX team has decades of experience building communities, partnerships, events, and content.  Click on any team member to email them.

Drew Ianni

Founder & GM, DXdaily and CDX Summits

Josh Kampel

CEO, Techonomy Media, Inc.

David Kirkpatrick

Editor-in-Chief, Techonomy Media, Inc.

Caitlin Hamilton

Director, Executive Relations

Lisa West

VP, Partnerships

Kendall Wyckoff

Marketing & Partnerships Coordinator


Techonomy is a media and events company focused on helping leaders navigate the accelerated pace of change.  Through a series of highly curated events and content, we examine how technology is impacting social and economic progress.  Our community of senior business executives, technologists, academics, and government officials are passionate about discussing how technology can be a lever for progress.

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